St. Maarten
Intervalo de valores: $600-$900
El valor se determina por Temporada

$12.50 Se requiere USD por noche Depósito impuesto hotelero hacia el pago del gobierno impuso impuestos.
Located on the borders of the Greater and Lesser Antilles, St. Maarten is the meeting point of two worlds. It is also the smallest land in the world to be shared between two nations in all friendship. No other island could so rightly deserve this name, eternal symbol of peace and sharing. By official count there are 37 breathless beaches on the island that include an endless array of activities. Many types of water sports are available but the diving and snorkeling are exceptional. St. Maarten's duty-free shopping is another major attraction to the shopping scene. Sightseeing in Marigot, Philipsburg and the quaint villages is amazing and there are several action-packed casinos on the Dutch side. There are hundreds of savory restaurants to choose from and there is considerable nightlife to enjoy.

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