Costa Rica
Intervalo de valores: $600 - $900
El valor se determina por Temporada

$12.50 Se requiere USD por noche Depósito impuesto hotelero hacia el pago del gobierno impuso impuestos.
Play hard or kick back. Time is measured in terms of sunsets, leisurely walks along the beach, and chapters in your favorite book. Costa Rica is a land of extreme beauty with a rich history dating back to 1502 when Christopher Columbus claimed the region for Spain and named it Costa Rica which means "Rich Coast" in Spanish. There are many natural and cultural attractions to explore: The National Theatre in San Jose features opera, classical music and plays. You can find turtle and bird nesting and natural wildlife reserves, volcanoes, boiling mud posts and hot thermal springs. There are many national parks, waterfalls and biological reserves to explore. Costa Rica is also known for its world class surfing up and down the Pacific coast!

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